$140 Per Session

Counselling / Psychotherapy / Clinical Hypnotherapy

1 hr online session of either Counselling,  Hypnotherapy or a combination of both depending on issue and consultation.  

Conducted via Zoom or Facetime. Zoom is accessed via the internet so you do not need any specific downloads or apps. 

Please ensure you have a quiet, comfortable space.

Allow up to 1hr 30 mins for your first session.


3 x 1hr Counselling / Hypnotherapy Discount Package

A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended for anyone seeking help for Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, relationship issues, illness, Grief and Loss.

These issues are often deep rooted and distressing requiring time and space for you to reflect and compose.





Rest, Relax and Unwind

A 40 minute guided relaxation that takes you deeper into a relaxed state.

Relax and unwind with a personalised hypnotherapy session that disperses negative energy, fills you with confidence, and positivity and leaves you feeling like you’ve had 8 hours sleep.






Quit Smoking

4 x 1 Hr Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions and a personalised Audio recording.





Carer Support & Education

Supporting someone through difficulties can often leave us feeling helpless and inadequate. We may have concerns for that person and be struggling to connect with them but not know where to turn. This session gives you an opportunity to voice these concerns and fears and identify your role and how to help as well as gaining a deeper understanding of what your friend or loved one is experiencing and may need.

45 Minutes


Prices shown in AUD. International Prices may Vary, please contact for more details. 


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