Counselling & Psychotherapy

Specialising in Trauma, Bereavement and Loss

Feeling sadness when someone dies is natural but there is often so much more to grief than that. Our relationships are commonly complex and this in turn creates a complexity within our grief. We all experience grief differently and it can be difficult to feel connected even to our closest supports. There are many emotions that we experience as a result of Trauma, Loss and Bereavement but these feelings can be overpowering and leave us feeling alone, lost and hopeless.

With many years experience in trauma, loss and grief, I can help you understand your emotions and feelings, organise your thoughts and create a mental toolbox to help you see hope in your future. 

Symptoms of Trauma, Loss and Grief can come from many life experiences, I specialise in the following:

loss of identity, job, relationship, role, life changes, suicide bereavement, serious illness or injury. 


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy we will work together to achieve a deeper state of relaxation, allowing us to access your sub conscious mind, break down barriers and achieve your goals. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy is very different from stage Hypnosis. You are in complete control at all times. Together we discuss your goals and using a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy achieve your desired results.

Hypnosis may help with the following:

  • Anxiety, social Anxiety and stress
  • Regression
  • Grief
  • Confidence Building
  • Relaxation


Client Testimonials

Your kindness, great listening and sound advice in dealing with *******’s Suicide has changed my life. I felt I could say anything to you and consequently I could move along with my life. You taught me to be patient and kind to myself.

– V.M (UK)

Brilliant Service. Not sure where I would be today without Beth’s help and support. She is a caring and supportive person who has a rare gift of being able to develop and foster effective connections with people.

– Ian (UK)

There are no amount of words to express my thanks and gratitude so I simply say thank you from all of my slightly damaged heart.

– Sandy (Australia)